Spring Creek Forest Preserve 

The Spring Creek Forest Preserve is a city-owned nature preserve in Garland, Texas area, which is a suburb of the Dallas metropolitan area.

On both publicly and privately owned land, there is now a significant amount of undeveloped acreage that could be maintained. Private landowners will most likely sell their properties to commercial developers as a result of a lack of county money.

The majority of the city’s park money has gone into the construction of playgrounds and soccer fields, some of which have been constructed immediately along the banks of the creek. The building of the 190 Bush Tollway, which goes immediately over Spring Creek, marked the beginning of the escalation of the degradation of this area.

For at least the last decade, the formal development of the area has been in the early stages of planning and preparation. The completion of the nearby Firewheel Golf Course, as well as the development of the Firewheel Town Centre, have been the most recent big initiatives in the area. Because of its proximity to Richardson’s Telecom Corridor, the location is expected to become a major tourism attraction for corporate travelers in the near future.

Spring Creek’s middle waters flow through the shadows of the Owen’s Sausage farm and processing factory, as well as various computer technology skyscrapers. Walmart and Sam’s Club were developed within a few hundred feet of the preserve, with minimal opposition from the local community or environmental groups. The Collin Creek Mall in Plano is practically built on the headwaters of the creek.

As with any large commercial development, the value of the few remaining parcels along Spring Creek has began to explode, as has the value of any other parcels in the vicinity. Due to the fact that it is bordered on all sides by adjacent suburbs, local officials acknowledge that the city is now officially landlocked. Thus, the ecologically sensitive territory on private properties that is still left is in danger of being destroyed as a result of future development activities.

The only way to ensure the long-term preservation of the remaining natural limestone outcroppings, dramatic altitudes, and vast colonies of Trout Lilies is for a generous benefactor to step forward and purchase land for conservation.

This was contrary with what was hoped by many citizens for many years that the county would purchase the land, or in the least that the city Planning and Zoning Commission would only approve environmentally related businesses.

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